The Final Countdown

The Black Rose collective is at a point where we are questioning the ongoing relevance of the project. While we think the existence of anarchist spaces such as Black Rose could be necessary, it seems that it does not have much resonance with many of the other revolutionary projects in Sydney. Coupled with the reality of the struggle to pay rent and the amount of energy invested by our small collective to maintain this dysfunction, the situation is not sustainable.

A year ago there seemed to be a lot of people with a lot of energy around Black Rose as we made a big decision to entirely change the focus of the project. While we had great visions of the space being a hub of meetings and events and general radical activity, this has proven to be far from the reality. It has been hard to convey the idea to comrades that use the space, that it is their space to take responsibility for and engage with.

We are now calling out for an entirely new group of people to take on the project of this anarchist social centre. Black Rose has always been a reflection of those involved and so we are open to the new collective determining what it's revolutionary character should look like. Revolutionary spaces ARE awesome. Even if we're currently a bit drained there have been many inspiring moments. And you don't simply have to pick up from where we've left off – it's your ideas and energy that will now be important.

Over the month of september we will be preparing for what the future may hold with the current collective aiming to begin work on different projects by october.

If you are interested in taking it on please get in touch ASAP.
You can contact us by email:

If Black Rose does end it is not necessarily a bad thing, revolutionary spaces can exist within all aspects of our lives.

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