The Peoples' Kitchen

Now run at Dust Monster in Dulwich Hill

Everyone needs to eat, so why support capitalism when it makes eating so hard and wastes so much?

The Peoples Kitchen organizes a free weekly vegan community meal.

Cooking from 4pm
serving from 7pm
Every Wednesday @ Dust Monster (62A Constitution Rd)
Dulwich Hill

This is not an act of charity but solidarity, anyone can participate in this self organized gathering-

    Sourcing good food that would otherwise go to landfill
    Bringing in Veggies from the garden
    Collecting food from Community coops

    Cooking healthy and delicious food that everyone can eat,
    making sure there are options for people with food allergies
    creating a safe and welcoming environment for all folks

    maintaining the community space,
    doing our own dishes, cleaning up the kitchen
    Taking food scraps for composting, taking out the recycling
    Distributing left over veggies

Starting another community meal!